Who are we working for?

I have been so consumed in thought about the way that we live our lives. Working long hours each week to climb the ladder to work even more to climb a little higher on the ladder, FOR WHAT?! Why are we killing ourselves for these corporate giants who don’t care about our well-being? Regardless of what company you work for, if you are working for a corporation, you are a number and you are replaceable to them.

I was caught in this trap of ridiculous hours, high stress, and the expectation to squeeze blood out of a stone. It was exhausting and demoralizing. I was constantly tired, I was eating unhealthily, and my relationship was suffering. So, I quit my high paying salary job as a retail store manager running a 12 million dollar store for a large retail company. Now I am focusing on going to school to get my Master’s degree in counseling, which I’ve always dreamed of doing, as well as my writing. I feel so much better about my life now that I can clearly see a path to fulfillment and purpose in what I do.

If you are miserable in your corporate job doing the same thing every day without feeling a sense of purpose, I implore you to figure out what you love and make that your life focus. Money and stability mean nothing without happiness. It may seem impossible to take the plunge into uncertainty, but the reward is not only thrilling, it is a sense of peace when you realize that no matter how much money you were making before, the happiness you gain through purpose is so much more valuable.

Stop working for corporate America and consumerism and start working for your happiness.

Please send me your thoughts and experiences.

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