You never realize how bad things have become until it’s too late. What I mean by too late is, something has been destroyed or lost; someone has been damaged. When I accepted my role in all of this turmoil, it was begrudgingly, I’ll admit. How can I once again take responsibility for someone else’s actions? […]

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I feel unhappy. I feel so sad. I lost the best friends that I ever had. I got through changes, in my life. Charles Barkley He died today. But what a beautiful human being who understood what it meant to love. I worry often about what I will think about my life when I die. […]

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In love

Being in love is complicated. When you are in love with someone you expect everything to be perfect 100% of the time. But, that is not reality. People are fickle. I change from one minute to the other and I can’t expect anything less from my lover. When you make the decision to spend your […]

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Living Bi-polar, you have to learn your triggers. Mine are: emotionally charged music, sentimental scenes in movies or television, thoughts of my childhood, my sister. I can be in the best mood, but if I’m ever triggered, I will immediately fall into a deep sadness that seems impossible to climb out of. The most frustrating […]

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Who are we working for?

I have been so consumed in thought about the way that we live our lives. Working long hours each week to climb the ladder to work even more to climb a little higher on the ladder, FOR WHAT?! Why are we killing ourselves for these corporate giants who don’t care about our well-being? Regardless of […]

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